Playing around with XBMC Media Streaming

Sunday has become the day to play with technology. So expect more posts on Sundays now than normal.

I’ve been playing around with XBMC this morning, and I’m really impressed with the functionality and smoothness of the application.

I’m just in the process of testing how well streaming a DVD from my network storage across the wired network will work.

I’m hoping it runs smoothly, as it should with a 1Gbps backbone. I’ll post a tutorial later on how to rip DVD’s to play in XBMC, as I’m not sure if a pure rip, or just an ISO of the media will be better.

XBMC Host:

Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz
2x 500GB SATA Hard Disks
1x 320GB SATA Hard Disk
1Gbps Ethernet Connection.
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x86
Onboard Gigabite Graphics
Onboard Realtek HD Sound.


Network Attached Storage:

1x 1TB SATA Hard Disk
1Gbps Ethernet Connection
iTunes & DNLA support
FTP and onboard torrent software.
Additional disks can be added using 2x USB 2.0 ports on the back.
UNIX powered.

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