Installing Windows Update 1 of 25…

This post might turn out to me more of a rant than anything else, but for some reason this always seems to happen to me.

Now the Windows ‘Family’ of operating systems, (Win7, Win Server 2008, Win Vista…) account for 80% for all of the installed operating systems today. It’s apparently the most easy to use, has the nicest interfaces, supported by almost all applications, and is also a total pain to update.

After many years working with Windows, I’ve still never understood the logic in which it uses to plan when it wants to update.

Turning my PC off last night, before I headed to bed, I found I had 25 updates to install before it would power off. This is rather annoying, when you just want it to shutdown. I’ve found this only happens to me when I need/want to be doing something else. Such as leaving work, or going to bed.

After waiting half an hour for it to install all 25 updates, I’ve logged on this morning expecting to find everything all up-to-date, and yet I’ve been shown this:

Don't you just love Windows!

After all the updates I painfully stayed awake to watch complete last night, this morning, it wants to download over 1GB of more updates!

Why couldn’t this have been done in the last update!

I’m all for keeping systems security and up-to-date, as part of that is my job. But seriously, it’s not this hard with the likes of RedHat or Mac OSX.


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