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Linked Up

Decided to tweak the About page around a bit. It was a little boring before, and now I’ve used the LinkedIn API to pull more information about me. Still needs some work, but at least it gives you more of an idea about what I do, and what I’ve done. I’d like to get the skills section sorted into some sort… Read more →

Out Of Stock

There seems to be a total lack of decent datacenter stock photos, that I could use for my header image. Our DC has a strict no photography policy, otherwise I’d attempt to take my own. I’d love to get something like the guys at Hivelocity have. They have some amazing photography, and what’s better, is that none of it is from… Read more →


It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with the website/blog/whatever this is. Anyway, I felt the previous grey look was getting a bit… old? Time to crack out another theme and spice things up a little. I’m actually quite impressed with this theme, although I’m not too sure if the New York skyline will stay. I’m going through a… Read more →

A few updates…

I’ve updated a few of the static pages on the site, including my about me – which I will update a little bit more when I get the chance. Unfortunately I haven’t really had the time to get back into blogging, even after installing the mobile WordPress App. If you want to keep up-to-date with what I’m doing, feel free to… Read more →

Sorry for the delay!

Just a quick post to say I’ve not totally forgotten about my blog, and I’m still going to carry on blogging. Things have been really busy here, so I’ve not had much time to write, but now that the summer is here (ish!) I should have loads more time to write new posts and tutorials. Stay tuned! Read more →

Sun, Sea and Pi

First of all, appologies for the lack of posts and slow response to comments and emails. I’ve been busy with work, and enjoying the lovely weather, so I’ve not been able to respond as quickly as I’d like to. Sorry! You’ll also be happy to know that I’ve received delivery of my Raspberry Pi (It came Friday!), so I’ve been non-stop playing… Read more →

R.I.P Network Storage Drive

Over the bank holiday weekend, my Iomega Home Media Network Drive decided to die in a spectacular fashion. A few weeks ago, I applied a security patch to the device which was meant to fix a few existing issues and increase performance of the device. It seems this might have ‘pushed’ it over the edge. I originally bought the device back in… Read more →

Raspberry Pi – Ordered!

So, I was up nice and early on Wednesday to order my Pi, like thousands of others. It didn’t start off too smoothly though, with a 6am start. Surprisingly so many people were up early to order their Pi, that they had managed to take out both the RS Components website, and all of the Farnell Group websites with the sheer amount of… Read more →